I am pleased to welcome a guest blog by Kristofer Lund, Co-creator of Food Shift, on the importance of local food and the concepts of time and distance in restoring our ecosystems, reversing climate change and saving humanity (aka Living Happily Ever After).

The Importance of Local Food, part 1: Dismantling of Distance and Time

This is part one in an article series looking at why local food is one of the most important tools for reversing climate change and finding the purpose of life.

Nature, what a thing! A seed, soil, some chicken poop, water, a few weeks and all of a sudden, a gigantic fennel!
Three years ago me and my fiancee left the city and instead chose the field, the forest, the hens, the vegetables and the relative small town calm of Gnesta, an hour south of Stockholm, Sweden.

Read the rest of the article here: https://medium.com/food-shift/the-importance-of-local-food-part-1-dismantling-of-distance-and-time-d52d319d5ff0

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