Committed to Serving Individuals & Community
Integral North is a legal and coaching/consulting firm committed to serving individuals and community organizations who believe that they can make a positive difference in our community.  If you are a prospective new immigrant who can’t wait to contribute your skills and talents, a new social enterprise with an innovative way of solving old problems or someone who wishes to take your career to the next level … Integral North is the Firm for you.

The Integral Edge

Ontario is cutting the funding to Legal Aid Ontario by $133 million

I’m writing to you because, as you have heard, the government of Ontario is cutting the funding to Legal Aid Ontario by $133 million this year. It’s a huge cut to Legal Aid Ontario, which funds legal clinics across Ontario. The cut is extremely disturbing. We don’t...

Gar Alperovitz on the Need for a Next System

Gar Alperovitz is one of the leading thinkers today in the area of progressive political economy.  I highly recommend this video a well as all of the documents of “The Next System Project. If you haven't heard Democracy...

Asset Mapping: Finding the Strength in Your Neighbourhood

In this webinar, Jonathan Massimi introduced to the Asset-Based Community Development and also the Asset-Based Community Driven Efforts approach (ABCDE). He also discussed how we can create an Asset Map and also explored how we can leverage the identified assets in...

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