Sympatheia” is the belief in mutual interdependence among everything in the universe, that we are all one.  It is an invitation to us to take a step back, zoom out and see life from a higher vantage point than our own.

Sympatheia is a blog which focusses on highlighting new, integral breakthroughs in the understanding of values, cultural systems and world-views in order to positively influence the creation of regenerative cultures aligned with the evolution of life.

Telfer MBA Conference Series – George Brown

geTelfer MBA Conference Series - June 1, 2019 THE EVOLUTION OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The corporate social responsibility is now a term of the past, with companies looking at new and innovative ways to contribute to the community, be positive corporate...

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Gar Alperovitz on the Need for a Next System

Gar Alperovitz is one of the leading thinkers today in the area of progressive political economy.  I highly recommend this video a well as all of the documents of “The Next System Project. If you haven't heard Democracy...

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Asset Mapping: Finding the Strength in Your Neighbourhood

In this webinar, Jonathan Massimi introduced to the Asset-Based Community Development and also the Asset-Based Community Driven Efforts approach (ABCDE). He also discussed how we can create an Asset Map and also explored how we can leverage the identified assets in...

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Remaking the Economy: Who Will Own the Land?

If you are interested in racial and economic equity—in community development, rural development, food security, the environment, and a host of other issues—you should understand the basics of land justice. Read More Here:...

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Unleashed 2018: The Social Enterprise Event

On December 5, join the Centre for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) for it’s Unleashed 2018 conference. This year the conference is bringing social purchasing to the forefront showcasing its incredible potential to generate benefits for both the local economy and...

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