I am pleased to share this guest blog post from the David Suzuki Foundation:

You can help Land Back move forward

On Tuesday, more than 1,000 people participated in a webinar featuring Indigenous thought leaders reflecting on the Land Back movement and pathways towards more just systems of land/water governance. If you would like to watch a video recording of the webinar, go to: .

As we approach June, National Indigenous History Month, we want to continue to engage Canadians in the conversation around the Land Back movement. We invite you to watch our new video series on land governance in Canada, past, present and future.

Past: https://youtu.be/3sVg0Cvqh3k
Present: https://youtu.be/UsyyYeVHGJ0
Future: https://youtu.be/McVEgEA4qvg

If you want to do more to support the Land Back movement, consider sharing the above videos with your friends. You can also send an email in support of Indigenous governance to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and your provincial premier.

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