The Integral Coaching Canada Method creates lasting, sustainable change. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of enthusiastically launching a New Year’s resolution only to have forgotten about it by mid-January. Or perhaps you and your team took a great three-day course on working more effectively together, only to find that things at work are as they’ve always been just a month later. Sustaining positive change can be harder than making the change.

In this 4-minute clip from a discussion between ICC Co-Founder Laura Divine and ICC Teacher Steve Beckett, Laura shares how building the capability for grounded awareness in the moment allows us to see and adjust patterns of behaviour over time. This awareness and ability to begin operating outside of habitual patterns is key to sustaining positive changes.

An Integral Coaching® program is specially designed with these elements in mind to support lasting change. We encourage you to check out this clip if you have had the experience of change that didn’t last before, or if you feel called to create lasting positive change in others.

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The Integral Coaching Canada Method creates lasting, sustainable change

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