Join Amnesty International for Write for Rights! On or around December 10th, International Human Rights Day, millions of people across the world use the power of letter-writing to protect individuals or communities whose human rights have been denied.

Everyone can participate! You don’t need to have any previous letter-writing or Amnesty International experience. Amnesty welcomes all those who are keen to keep shining the light on human rights. Your letters are making a difference.

Participate in Write for Rights with 7 easy steps:

STEP 1: Sign up now!
STEP 2: Get everything you need, including our letter-writing guide, at
STEP 3: Write your letters! You can find sample letters in the letter-writing guide.
STEP 4: Build momentum! Help us spread the word about #Write4Rights online.
STEP 5: Join us for our virtual marathon, all-day on December 10th!
STEP 6: Mail your letters using the addresses provided.
STEP 7: Report back! Add your letter count to the global total.”

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