Dear Friends of Choosing Earth,

On this Earth Day we are delighted to launch the trailer for the documentary film—Facing Adversity: Choosing Earth, Choosing Life. The film is also now public.

We encourage you to share the trailer to social media and with your lists. See below for links and more about the film’s creative commons license.

Stay tuned for more about the film, the many people who helped create it, and the organizations and enterprises that supported this effort.

On behalf of the Earth and all of life,

Coleen & Duane

Watch the trailer:

Watch the documentary:

You may screen the film, share it on zoom gatherings, and with your organization or group. Learn more about sharing the film and its the creative commons license (CC-BY-NC-ND).

About the film

Facing Adversity: Choosing Earth, Choosing Life is a 70-minute documentary that explores the speed, depth and magnitude of our growing planetary crisis, and the opportunity to meet this crisis consciously. The film begins with a visual exploration of key adversity trends facing humanity (climate change, economic growth, inequity, and more) and offers a wider whole systems perspective and a deeper inquiry into what is being called forth from humanity. Learning to work with this paradox — an unfolding global crisis and the opportunity to awaken to and care for the well being of all of life — is the work ahead. The film includes Joanna Macy, Duane Elgin, Jack Kornfield, Victoria Santos, Nate Hagens, Beena Sharma and more as well as stories from around the world on impacts of our time of transition.

Part of a larger package of materials for groups and organizations.

This film is part of a larger package of materials for groups and organizations. Learn more here.

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