Design your Integral Life Practice

Integral Life Practice – Description

Integral Life Practice (ILP) starts where all practice starts – with inspiration, a yearning to grow, to become all that you can be.  Here are a few possible reasons for designing and engaging in an ILP:

  • Embracing and working with crisis, pain, or suffering
  • Becoming a better person -on all levels, in all areas
  • Living with integrity and excellence
  • Getting over yourself
  • Waking up!
  • As a way to understand everything or make sense of it all
  • Living according to your highest ideals
  • Becoming more fully alive and creative
  • Finding and/or living your deepest purpose
  • Loving and caring for others more fully
  • Making your highest contribution
  • Communing with life, the universe, and Spirit
  • Participating in the evolution of consciousness
  • No specific reason – it’s just what you’re drawn to do

Whatever your motivation, the intention to begin, renew, or deepen a practice is a wonderful first step.  But once you’ve made that choice, how do you follow through with it?  Experience has shown that an ILP framework can help you make sense of the many options available to you, providing ultimate flexibility and inclusiveness, so you can most fully and deeply honour your intentions and fulfil your potentials.

ILP is:


An ILP module is a category of practice that relates to a specific part of your being – Body – Mind- Spirit – Shadow.


This means you can simplify and shorten your practice to accommodate your time frame.


ILP lets you bring your unique interests, passions, and needs into play.  It doesn’t impose rigid structures on you, but rather creates a flexible, open space in which you can creatively engage the many dimensions of your being.


ILP is Integral, by which we specifically mean “powered by AQAL”  AQAL is the most comprehensive map of consciousness available at this time, and ILP puts it to use to create a cutting-edge form of practice for the 21st century.

For assistance with designing your personalised ILP, please contact Integral North.

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